The smartest heater in the world

500 w
High-end soft heat
600 GFlops
Computing heat source
0 dB
Totally silent
0 g
Carbon footprint
0 $
No heating bill
Qarnot designed the Q.rad, the first computing heater embedding microprocessors as a heat source and connected to the Internet.

A revolutionary fusion

The Q.rad is a smart and connected digital heater, fusion of an electrical heater and a high-performance computing server.

Q.rad relies on high-end hardware renewed every 3 to 5 years. The Q.rads’ failure rate is significantly lower than that of any standard server since they do not have mobile parts.

Moreover, the Q.ware system handles the workload redistribution in case of a Q.rad failure.

Free & green heating

The Q.rad produces heat by computation, the electricity consumption is measured by an embedded counter and related expenses are automatically refunded to the host.

The user controls the temperature of the Q.rad with the embedded thermostat or his smartphone.

High-end soft heat

A Q.rad can heat up a 150 to 300 sq. feet room in a building meeting modern isolation standards. The Q.rad is a system with high inertia and produces a high quality "soft" heat as opposed to electrical convectors.

Since 2014, several hundreds of households are heated for free with Q.rads, computing remotely for major banks, 3D animation studios and research labs.


Dimensions 65x60x16 cm (HxWxP)
Heating power 500 W
Weight 27 kg
Noise 0 dB
Power 110/230V AC / 500 W
Network RJ45 ethernet
Computing units 3 high-end Intel® units embedded
Computing power 8 vcores @ 4 Ghz / 16 GB RAM per unit